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Vasa Previa in Pregnancy

What is Vasa Previa during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is both a tense and fun time for parents. Anything can happen during pregnancy, so parents need to be very careful. There are situations that expectant mothers should pay attention to for a safe pregnancy. One of these conditions is vasa previa. Vasa previa is a condition that can endanger the life of the baby and also cause pregnancy complications in the mother. In this article, we have compiled for you what you need to know about vasa previa.

What is Vasa Previa?

Vasa previa is the condition in which the blood vessels of the fetus pass through the cervical opening that separates the uterus from the vagina. It is a rare condition and dangerous. The umbilical cord is connected directly through the middle of the placenta, the baby’s partner, with blood vessels passing through the chorionic membrane. In some cases, abnormalities occur in this connection, resulting in some vulnerable veins. If these veins pass over the cervix, it is called Vasa Previa. This makes the fetus vulnerable to rupture, which causes fetal bleeding. Therefore, in the case of vasa previa, the death rate is quite high with the onset of the baby’s labor.

What Causes Vasa Previa?

There are various reasons that can cause vasa previa to be seen in expectant mothers. We can list these reasons as follows:

• Multiple Pregnancy: The risk of developing vasa previa is high in expectant mothers with multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets.

• In Vitro Fertilization: Vasa previa is more likely to develop in expectant mothers who become pregnant with in vitro fertilization, that is, in vitro fertilization.

• Accessory Placental Lobe: This refers to the condition where the placenta does not consist of a single piece and there is an accessory lobe separate from the main placental disc. In this case, the risk of vasa previa increases.

• Velamentous Cord Placement: indicates that the relationship between the umbilical cord and the attachment of the placenta is different from normal. It is the most common cause of vasa previa.

• Lower placed Placenta: If the placenta is located downward, it may cause vasa previa as it is pulled upwards.

What are the symptoms of Vasa Previa?

Unfortunately, vasa previa has no complaints and is impossible for the expectant mother to understand.

The diagnosis of Vasa Previa can only be understood by a detailed ultrasound performed by the Perinatology Specialist.

How is Vasa Previa Diagnosed?

Vasa previa can be diagnosed with the help of transvaginal ultrasound along with color Doppler testing. If there are any of the various risk factors or warning signs, the doctor will recommend it. Vasa previa ultrasound can help with early diagnosis and thus timely management of the condition. Early diagnosis ensures that the baby is safe and healthy.

What Are the Complications Associated with Vasa Previa?

Vasa previa can be fatal to the baby. It can also cause complications during childbirth in the expectant mother.

If vasa previa is diagnosed in the early stages of pregnancy, the most crucial point is to deliver the baby before the contractions begin. Therefore, pregnant women with this diagnosis will give birth prematurely and should definitely give birth by cesarean section.


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