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What is Pre-Pregnancy Counseling for Couples with No Known Risk Factors? How come?

Pre-pregnancy counseling is a service provided to couples who are planning to have a child, to guide them about a healthy pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. By providing pre-pregnancy counseling even for couples who do not have the predicted risk factors; It is aimed to optimize the physical, emotional and psychological health of couples. In this article, we have compiled what you need to know about pre-pregnancy counseling for couples without known risk factors.

What Topics Does Pre-Pregnancy Counseling Cover?

We can list the topics covered by the pre-pregnancy counseling service as follows:

• Evaluation of Medical History: It starts with the medical history of the expectant mother and the collection of information about previous pregnancies in the family. The medical histories of the couples are examined and potential risk factors are determined. Among them; Issues such as complications in previous pregnancies, chronic diseases, drug use, surgical interventions and any health problems are evaluated.

• Physical and gynecological examination: discussed in detail below.

• Blood Tests and Examinations: During pre-pregnancy counseling, blood tests and examinations can be done. These tests are; It may include important health indicators such as blood count, blood groups, infection screening tests (HIV, Hepatitis B, Rubella, etc.), thyroid hormones, iron level.

• Genetic Evaluation: Couples are informed about hereditary disease carriers, family history and genetic tests to be done. This ensures that couples understand the genetic risks and are referred for additional testing or counseling if necessary. This advice varies by country. For example, diseases such as SMA and Thalassemia are among the diseases routinely screened before pregnancy in Turkey.

• Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle: Couples are informed about the importance of a healthy diet, the benefits of regular exercise, and the effects of smoking, alcohol or drug use on pregnancy. Topics such as nutrition, vitamin supplements, and avoidance of harmful substances are covered.

• Infections and Immunization: Couples are informed about what they should do to prevent some infections that have negative effects on fertility and pregnancy. Especially; Immunity status against diseases such as rubella, measles, mumps, influenza, hepatitis B and rubella is evaluated and vaccination is done if necessary.

• Psychological and Emotional Support: Couples are provided with support in dealing with the emotional and psychological challenges of the pregnancy process. Strategies are recommended to deal with problems such as stress, anxiety or depression experienced during this period.

Pre-pregnancy counseling helps couples better prepare for the pregnancy process. It also provides early intervention if any risk factor is detected. It offers a preventive approach to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. For this reason, it is recommended that every couple seek counseling before pregnancy, regardless of the presence of known risk factors.

Gynecological Examination

Every planned pre-pregnancy evaluation begins with a gynecological examination. The gynecological examination allows us to evaluate the entire reproductive system. The main topics are as follows:

• Evaluation of the vagina and cervix; The presence of comdyloma, herpes or a congenital anomaly involving the vagina is investigated. It is treated if necessary. Some of the common discharges in women can both prevent pregnancy and cause abortion in the early stages, so treatments are important. At the same time, organic pathologies such as septum that may prevent sexual intercourse or functional pathologies such as vaginismus can be detected and treated. At this point, the most important thing is the evaluation of the cervix. Every woman should have a cervical cancer screening (cervical smear) after starting sexual intercourse. It is essential to know that the cervix is normal before pregnancy.

• Evaluation of the uterus (uterus): With the vaginal ultrasound to be performed in the gynecological examination, both the muscle layer of the uterus and the inner layer called the endometrium are evaluated. In this way, if there is a pathology that will prevent pregnancy, early treatment is possible. In this way, the couple gets rid of the loss of time after the child request. Or, a congenital anomaly such as double uterus or uterine veil can be detected and treated.

• Evaluation of the tubes (Tuba uterina): Normally, the tubes are not seen in the gynecological examination. However, if it has a problem such as hydrosalpenx, it becomes visible. It is the swelling of the hydrosalpenx tubes due to infection and their inability to function. It is a serious cause of infertility.

• Evaluation of the ovaries: The ovaries are very important both in terms of their functions and because they have an important place in female genital cancers. During the examination, the presence of the ovaries, their volume, the number of eggs (the number of antral follicles) give good information about the woman’s egg reserve. An ovarian tumor, on the other hand, can be caught incidentally and treated. Most ovarian cysts are benign and simple.

Every couple planning a pregnancy should be examined by an obstetrician, and both gynecological examination should be performed and pre-pregnancy counseling should be provided.


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